About Lynn Lewis

Lynn Lewis Foundation (LLF) is a non-profit group that was founded in 2007. The organization was created to increase Breast Cancer awareness particularly in women’s football community across the nation. At this time the Foundation recognizes individuals from all walks of life who suffer from these diagnoses in which the caregivers are deemed to carry on the responsibility of making sure needs are met for the survivor.

LLF is a 501c3 a charitable organization created to support women, men and children. Co-Survivors (Spouse, Family & Children)(SFC) program provides social resources and counseling to assist with coping skills and an initiative to infuse positive energy into survivor’s day to day routine.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to become the foundation to support the ripple effect of breast cancer diagnoses not only for the survivor, but for the extended family to provide avenues of promoting breast cancer awareness while educating women and men nationwide on the fight against breast cancer. Our ultimate goal is to be a rechargeable source of strength in allowing relief of an exhaustive experience as a caregiver. Our programs are designed to give back to our community.