MammogramThere are a lot of methods that cancer specialist are using in order that breast cancer can be diagnosed.

  • Breast Assessment – Breast cancer specialist, who are highly trained and are specialized to deal with breast cancer, will do an initial assessment to check for any abnormalities that may be present in the breast.
  • Breast Ultrasound – An ultrasound device will produce sound waves in order that such waves could come up with an image of the deep structures of the breast. The use of such an instrument is going to determine whether the lump being detected is a fluid filled one or a solid mass.
  • Mammogram – This technique makes use of x-ray so that breast cancer can be checked. When there are lumps found on the tests, then further management will be recommended by the physician.
  • Biopsy – When there are lumps that are detected, then small samples of such lumps are gathered through biopsy. Biopsy is considered to be the most definitive technique to diagnose breast cancer because samples gathered will be sent to the laboratory for further analysis. The best thing about biopsy is that the cancer cells are analyzed closely to check the kind of cells which are involved, whether the cells have hormone receptors or other receptors, and also to check the aggressiveness of cancer. It can likewise guide physicians about the treatments which can be initiated.
  • Breast MRI – You will be injected with a specialized dye which immediately clings to your breast tissue, and machines producing radio waves and are using magnets are used to create a picture of the insides of your breast.

Breast Cancer Stages

Doctors are going to stage breast cancer from 0 to IV. Such that 0 indicates that the cancer cells are non-invasive and are still contained in its structures, whereas Stage IV breast cancer are those that have spread to other body parts. Staging breast cancer is needed to check the extent of cancer, and it helps patient get the prognosis of the disease, and guides doctors on the best treatment plan they can craft.