Personal Stories

Don’t let your big C stories end on a period.

Have you been touched by cancer, or have you known someone who’s close to you touched by it? The stories you share, however simple, provides solace and encouragement for those people who are waging their war against the C. It is stories like yours which push them forward to continue their battle no matter what.

When you share your lived experience with cancer, you take on the role of being the light bearer, so as to increase the knowledge and awareness of others about cancer prevention, and detection. It is your stories which lighten up the dark paths which are oftentimes filled with fear, anxiety and ignorance about cancer.

There are a thousand others who would like to know where you sourced your strength during your treatment period, what kind of support is most helpful, what realizations were made in the course of your journey, and what advice will you give to those battling breast cancer.

Therefore, let your big C stories live from period to another period!