Full Circle Youth & Senior Mentoring Program
This intergenerational program seeks to facilitate relationships between children and youth with seniors. By spending time in a positive relationship with a senior citizen, the younger generation gains a better understanding of the process of aging, while increasing their support system. Additionally, this program seeks to increase the senior’s sense of purpose, leading to greater self-esteem and improved quality of life.

Sports Outreach Program
The Sports Outreach Program is designed to serve the local community by equipping, empowering, and encouraging young people to make positive choices in their lives through athletic participation. Activities include sports clinics, camps, tournaments, recognition ceremonies, and school outreach.

Over the years, the Lynn Lewis Foundation (LLF) has conducted several sports outreach events in conjunction with the Atlanta Women’s Flag Football League, Atlanta Storm Women’s Flag Football Program, the Baltimore Nighthawks, the Atlanta Phoenix, Washington Prodigy, and DC Divas women’s professional tackle teams. Throughout its 14-year history, the LLF sports program has a record of providing tremendous benefit to the community and reaching hundreds of youth via collaboration with partners to encourage and strengthen our communities.