Screening & Detection

Examination for cancerPrevention is always better than cure and most women and men, especially those that are highly susceptible to breast cancer should be religious in getting the regular screening and detection. Although breast cancer can easily be detected when early symptoms are already appearing, there are those affected with breast cancer who have no symptoms at all. Different tests being used to detect breast cancers are oftentimes categorized into:

Screening Test

These screening tests should be regularly done by those with higher risks of acquiring the disease. Most of the time, mammograms are prescribed by doctors to be performed regularly by healthy individuals who have high breast cancer risk. These screening tests are used so that breast cancer can be found at their earliest stage, even before symptoms have not actually begun to appear.

Diagnostic Test

The most common diagnostic test being utilized is that of biopsy. A biopsy is often suggested by doctors for patients who are ruled in to have breast cancer. This test is used to validate whether the results of the mammogram are benign tumors or malignancies. It is important to emphasize that diagnostic tests are able to also present whether the cancer cells have actually invaded the surrounding tissues of the breast or have metastasized to different parts of the body. Doctors use these diagnostic tests to get information on what are the possible treatment options needed.

Monitoring Test

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, when treatments have commenced, monitoring tests are going to check how well the patient is actually responding to the therapies. When a patient is positively reacting to the cancer treatments, monitoring tests are done to check whether there could be possible cancer recurrence.