Our mission is to become the foundation to support the ripple effect of breast cancer diagnoses not only for the survivor, but for the extended family to provide avenues of promoting breast cancer awareness while educating women and men nationwide on the fight against breast cancer. Our ultimate goal is to be a rechargeable source of strength in allowing relief of an exhaustive experience as a caregiver. Our programs are designed to give back to our community.

WELCOME TO Lynn Lewis Foundation

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Every woman is a hero – a mother, a sister, a daughter. When a woman is unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer, she doesn’t fall – she fights on. Lynn Lewis Foundation was created to cheer these women and families on.

You are our hero. We are here to fight for you and with you.

The Cancer support groups the Lynn Lewis Foundation will offer will be meetings and hotlines for people with cancer and those touched by the disease. They can have many benefits. Even though survivors and the families affected receive support from friends and family, the number one reason they join a support group is to be with others with similar cancer experiences. Some research shows that joining a support group improves both quality of life and survival.

Support groups can:

  • Help you feel better, more hopeful, and not so alone
  • Give you a chance to talk about your feelings and work through them
  • Help you deal with practical problems, such as problems at work or school
  • Help you cope with side effects of treatment


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